Wellness at Health Club & Gym Thomas Sportcenter

Thomas Sportcenter offers wellness and an oasis of retreat with sauna, steam, sun-beds and massage.

Sauna & Steam can help you to regenerate and cleanse body and mind. It is important, that you take your time, when visiting the sauna.

Regular visits to the sauna and steam can have positive effects:  

  • Improving your circulation.

  • Strengthening your immune system. Caution: never visit the sauna with an accute infection.

  • Help your skin to remain firm and „young“

  • Help regulate bloodpressure


Provide Stress-Relieve


  • Our Sauna runs on 90° (Celcius). It is coed (for men and women). And offers room for up to 10 persons

  • Our Steam-room runs on 40° (Celcius) and  100% humidity.  It is coed (for men and women). And offers room for up to 6 persons.



The Bio-Sauna (Sanarium) is a toned down version of the classic Sauna. Our Bio-Sauna runs on 60° (Celcius) with 40% humidity. This allows for longer sessions. It is coed (for men and women) and offers room for up to 8 persons. Unique feature: there is a window with a great view over the neighbourhood and a Wellness-Light called Bellaveda with multicolour feature.



Wellness foot-bath (by Dr. Sebastian Kneipp)
Hot-and-cold baths for your feet  are good for blood circulation and can help to recover quickly from injury.  


Two sun-beds (Ergoline) offer healthy tanning. Our sunbeds of course comply with the latest regulations.