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Thomas Sportcenter – The specialist for weight loss and slimming in munich


Lose weight and reach your target weight within 12 weeks (your individual target weight will be determined together with your personal Slim-Coach).  

Personal supervision by a certified Slim-Coach in combination with a healthy diet (without extreme restrictions) and regular workout sessions are the foundation of your success.


Slim advice of the month

Carbohydrates are „the bad guys“ …not fat.

Not fatty foods but carbohydrates will make you bigger. Very dangerous however can be combination of fats and carbos, to be found in cakes, chocolates and ice-cream. Minimize these and reduce rice and noodles et... Eat more salad + chicken or fish + veg…and the scales will drop!


The recipe for success

The slim specialist combines the latest research with our experience of over 25 years in helping our customers to change their bodies.  We are committed to provide fast and lasting results. Without diet and without „Jo-Jo Effect“. The foundation for success is the supervision by your personal slim coach over the whole duration of the program,  a healthy nutrition (without major restrictions) customized to your schedule and regular and planned exercise. With regards to nutrition you will receive 6 simple rules, introduced in 6 stages over the duration of the “slim specialist”. Rules that you can easily adapt into your very-day life and continue “life-long”. The workout sessions are short, but intense. You will be required to do 2 to 3 sessions of 45 minutes each per week, customized to meet your individual schedule and needs.  
You will receive all the „background information“, so that you can adjust your life-style and maintain your target weight for ever.





The duration

The „Slim specialist“ is designed for 12 weeks.  In this time you will lose weight and reach target weight (as determined with your personal slim coach at the start).


Your coach

Your personal Slim-Coach, experienced and trained for this program, accompanies you throughout the 12 weeks and will help you to reach your target.

The Start

in your 1st appointment your target weight will be determined. Your slim-coach will talk to you about your nutrition habits. You will receive your first (out of 6) homework (one new homework every fortnight). Your slim coach sets your designs your exercise-plan and accompanies you through your first workout-session.


Every 14 days you have an appointment with your personal slim coach. Measurements are taken to document progress. Your exercise-plan for the next 14 days is set, your nutrition of the past two weeks is analyzed. You will receive your nutrition-homework for the coming 14 days.



The reward

On conclusion of the program you will receive a certificate documenting your success and a summary of everything you learnt over the period of 12 weeks.



Summary of the „Slim Specialist“


• personal supervision by certified slim coach (7 session in 12 weeks)
• Measurements and Target-setting• Nutrition Analysis
• Individual workout regime and induction with your slim coach
• Nutrition-Homework in 6 steps
• Regular measurements to document success and final gym-session together with your slim coach
•  Documents with all the Information  (nutrition and exercise) 

The costs

Includes a membership for the duration of the program and all Exercise and Wellness features at Thomas Sportcenter. 

  • The slim-specialist 299€

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